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Friday. We are always happy to see you. But especially a Friday in December? We LOVE to see YOU! Holiday parties, shopping. Hopefully a nap. Maybe some extra snuggle time with our families - both two + four legged members. The weekends are needed even more this time of year!

This week’s scouts + shouts, we’re sharing our favorite links, reads, goodies and inspiration to get your holidays started right. Some DIY’s, recipes and inspo we’re finding particularly good for this weekend.

Loving gift idea #1 on this list. Also. Read more of Erin’s words. You’re welcome.

One of my favorite parts of gift giving is the presentation. Some of our favorite gift wrap inspiration here, here and here.

Thinking of upping my floral game this year, inspired by this class. Anyone want to join me for a flower run?


On my weekend list? Dying some bottlebrush trees, omg.

My girl loves to bake cookies, eyeing these and these to have her test out next.

New in our shop this week, these beauties! And be sure to check out all of our gift guides, and what we’re doing more of in December.

xx, jill + shay

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