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Hello friends! Happy Monday! Hope that you all had a nice weekend. Anyone else kind of in shock that we have 2 weekends left before Santa comes to visit? We’re back today with our final (and favorite) gift guide of the season. A guide focused on what we believe matters most_ living a creative life. Consider each of these pairings an invitation to help build or strengthen someone’s creative passion. Personal, thoughtful, varied in scope - we hope you find something to share this season.

For the textile lover, give the invitation of weaving with this loom, yarn bundle + book. On our bucket list to perfect our skills, this over-the-top set would set off gushing GAH’s of wonder upon opening.

For the culture enthusiast, we love this beautifully comprehensive book profiling 800 years of the wonder + peace that is Japanese gardening. Paired with a Japanese Buddhist figure - this duo is sure to invite calm and reflection.

For the kitchen lover, THE pie book of 2018 paired with a counter top silicone mat. Because baking a good pie is_ a) fun b) super creative c) sure to win you favors with friends and family.

For the photography enthusiast. While shooting on your mobile phone has become the norm, there is nothing quite like a great quality, DSLR to really take your skills to the next level. We love pairing it with a quirky cool, yet sturdy strap.

The perfect gift for anyone needing to bring a bit of calm to their day, we love the pairing of an inspiring coloring book + an essential oil diffuser. A meditative practice, coloring books encourage even the shyest of artists to just create. Bonus points for including colored pencils + oils.

A pairing for the beer nerd in your life. This cookbook will surprise you with its sophisticated and original pairings to serve along your favorite beverage. The tasting glasses are the perfect size to explore new flavors!

A journal built to help you notice, document and find inspiration in the world around you. Perfectly suited for child or adult alike, gift this with some fab pens and stand back to see what wonder unfolds.

Mug Set + Ceramic Paint + Tea

Mug Set + Ceramic Paint + Tea

We love to gift this to family friends! Equally good served with tea or hot cocoa, everyone will get into decorating their own individualized mug.

For the inventive kid, give them their very own baking book + cupcake kit and watch them create their own masterpiece! Sometimes edible, other times just plain experimental - we love inviting creativity into the kitchen at a young age.

For the fashion + color enthusiast, we love the whimsy of this book matched with the vibrant neon colored pencils. Perfect for the budding fashion designer OR the Carrie Bradshaw obsessed.

Our favorite pairing! Why? Our favorite medium + one of the easiest to follow instructors on Skillshare = easy start to painting. Gouache is one of the easiest and most forgiving paints to start with and Leah teaches you to use objects readily available (fruit) to get your juices flowing.

We love inviting exploration into any creative practice. This set, a London travel guide + lego set, is sure to create wonder + excitement. Perfect to give alongside a plane ticket or plan for future travel, or solo to just get that wanderlust feeling going strong.

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