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Color Crush : Summer Greens

We've made it! The high point of summer - and the peak greening of nature's beauty showing off for all to see. Sunlight and nature calling us outside to play, to wander, to summer.

The slower pace of summer allows for an opening, a portal, a pause.

A moment to explore the life I am building - to make sure priorities and energies are aligning with the future life I am envisioning. This - coupled with our move - has me rethinking all the overthinking things...



You'll know this as the ever delicate dance between the being and the doing. The work of humaning.

The finding of the balance between our tired, overworking heads - always reading, writing, learning, thinking, to-do-listing, working - and our dreaming, wistful, somewhat restless hearts - longing for more time creating, dancing, resting, smelling, smiling, connecting.



Today's color crush is our love letter, maybe even our to-do list reminder, that even nature needs a rest and a reset before it can show off it's glory. Maybe this time - in the midst of summer - with its invitation to play, to travel, to take a break - is our time to reset and rest for the greening that's just ahead for us too.  


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