We are a small, female-founded, artist run studio. We believe in the power of a well-designed, creatively curated home to build joy and connection. Each of our wallpaper patterns are hand-painted, bringing an artistically personal touch to your space.  



Inspired by the intricate details of color, shape and nature, Jill Elliott founded Color Kind Studio in an effort to expand on the power of creativity and art and its therapeutic effect in the home. Her playful color combinations and optimistic marks inspired her to turn her art into custom wallpaper for her own home remodel in 2020. This sparked the first product launch for the studio, our most loved and colorful Color Grid wallpaper

With a unique approach to material, texture, color, and pattern, and an innate passion for travel and sourcing inspiration from the world around us, Jill delights in the creative process. When not painting, Jill enjoys spending time with her daughter, hiking, writing, reading and connecting with other curious souls.

image by Justin Clemons. 
Stay in touch with us for all the latest product offerings, inspirations and sneak peeks!



Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Celebrating play and expression through our unique color combinations and marks. We hope our products inspire you to explore creativity in your space.


We seek beauty and inspiration in the everyday world around us. Our homes, our world, our relationships. We hope living with our products helps to inspire you to take a moment to find the beauty in your everyday.


We strive for connection in our days. To our family and friends, our world - and also to ourselves. Heart and soul. It’s why we strive to make our products beautiful, responsibly produced, and meant to become a unique part of your story.


We are obsessive about quality. The way our products are made to last the test of time - becoming better with age and love, while also doing our best to care for the planet and its people.


We believe in the power of building your own story in your space - one layered piece and find at a time. The best spaces (and people) are original and eclectic.


Joy can be found in the smallest of moments. A shared smile with a stranger, an unexpected feather collected on your walk, a playful color combination. We create our products to spread some happy in the world around us.
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