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December 01, 2023

A Little Joy Goes a Long Way.

November 23, 2023

Gift Guide : Shop Small

November 14, 2023

Color Crush : Pink(ish)

Color Crush_ Teal + Red

Hello friends! Wednesday, again and we’re excited to be back with our color crush series! Each Wednesday we bring you inspiration in color form and today we’re crushing HARD on teal + red. A classic combo, that never ceases to deliver a powerful, emotional punch. We love it in quirky + romantic combos in fashion, Gucci revisits this classic over and over.. Paired together in dramatic fashion for interiors, it’s cozy + inviting - especially in a bedroom. We can’t stop creating it in our art combinations - sometimes alone, sometimes mixed with other shades. What do you think? Craving this combo in your life?

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