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What I'm Listening To This Month.


Are you as obsessed with podcasts as I? A chance to learn, connect, be inspired just by pressing play? Count me in! Most days I pick my listen based on my mood - varying between creative magic, and business skills I want to learn. All that are on this list fall within that range of accessible, yet inspiring. Just the push I need to keep going on whatever project I’m tackling at the moment.

Do It For the Process. A newish podcast from artist Emily Jeffords, I love that this one is equal parts motivation and equal parts teaching. Listen to my most favorite here.

The Wit & Delight Podcast. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of anything my friend Kate does. Her new podcast is no exception. Part interviews, part getting to know Kate (and Joe) better - I’m loving following her journey as it develops. Especially loved the timely episode on STUFF.

The Jealous Curator_ Art for Your Ear. Just discovered this gem that’s been around since 2016, run by the creative behind the blog of the same name - I love picking and choosing episodes to listen to with some of my favorite creatives. Rachel Castle, Ashley Goldberg and Heather Lentz.


Second Life. This gem from one of the founders of Who What Wear made the first list I published. It’s still a heavy in my rotation due to the amazing content I learn from female founders, creatives and entrepreneurs all embarking on their ‘second life.’ Resonates so strongly with me as I’m building mine at the moment. Recent faves_ Susan Tynan - founder of Framebridge, Outdoor Voices founder Ty Hanney, and Austin based hotelier Liz Lambert (seriously, THE BEST listen on this list if you’re needing a kick-in-the-pants of can do!)

Goal Digger. This interview + information based podcast from photographer Jen Kutcher is my go-to when I’m needing to learn a new skill for my business. She talks to other experts in business, eager to share their lessons and tips for growing a sustainable business (while still having a life.) A few that I’ve found super helpful_ Best Instagram Tips Ever, The Power of Owning Your Story, and Stop Wondering_ Digital Products.

Tell me dear lovelies, what have you been listening to lately?

PS. Our OG rundown of podcasts for creativity and some books we like too.

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