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86,400 seconds in a day. 2,592,000 in a month. 31,536,000 in the year ahead. What's on your list to make the MOST of these precious seconds? On mine? Being fully present. Showing up, ready to love + learn from every person, experience, place I encounter. This intention, to me, seems fairly obvious, right? One that as I'm writing, I'm wondering how it's taken me 42.5 years to make this my goal. Something so simple, yet, seriously it's going to be a stretch for me to live this life in the year ahead. I've spent much of my adult life planning, making lists, going over conversations in my head, again and again, researching every possible outcome of what might happen in the coming days, months and years. Showing up, fully present, ready to listen, learn and love NO MATTER THE OUTCOME? That's a skill not so easily mastered by me.

So why this shift? Why this year? I think this life I'm building for myself is teaching me how to be ME. How to try new things - like art and writing and freelancing and parenting a spirited, soulful, seven-year-old. How to not put any expectations (a work in progress) on them - but do them for the process and the joy and the journey. And finally, how doing these new things, for pleasure and learning can fulfill my soul and build connection and purpose far beyond any of the best-laid plans in years past.

My hope, for you, is that you find something that sets your soul on fire. Something that inspires you to be the best you. To keep working at it day after day, for no other purpose than it brings you closer to your purpose. Be it reading, writing, painting, parenting, cooking, dancing in the dark, loving with your whole will you use ALL of your seconds of 2019 to live your best life?

Happy New Year!

xx, jill

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