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things that make us happy : fall edition.

Fall. An offering. 

Fall ushers in a beautiful contrast to the free-spirited and chaotic nature of summer. A balancing of energies, a time to reset, slow down, seek connection and stability. 

Things we love about fall : 

A much-needed routine reset. Focused, and short to-do lists, daily time to paint, write, work, move, plan. As much as I love the free-spirit and chaos that summer brings, my brain and body are always ready to return to the structure + simplicity of a well-planned fall season. 

Adjusting our rhythms to the sun. Rising and resting with the sun, a welcome respite from the extended hours of summer. Quiet, darker mornings bring a time for peaceful meditation before the world wakes. A slow ease into creativity, painting and writing in the morning - my favorite time for creating. A mid-day break to workout, connect with a friend or art group. Evening walks take an unwinding pace. 

Color Kind Studio Fall Kitchen

micheile henderson via unsplash

A chance to explore at home, and cozy our nests just a bit. Blankets rescued from storage, pillow covers changed, books + art rotated to bring a bit more fall color into our space. This year, in particular, we're finding inspiration in nature - bringing the outdoors in - think pampas grass, plants + fall florals sprinkled throughout, and warm autumnal colors. 

Getting grounded. The slightly slower pace of fall encourages mindfulness and invites reflection. As the light + leaves change, it's a beautiful time to connect inward and slow down. Meditation, gratitude journals, nature walks - whatever it is for you, make time to take care of your roots. 

Color Kind Studio : Pampas Grass

Birgith Roosipuu via Unsplash

Creative rituals. Nature's palette and change brings fresh inspiration and beauty to the forefront. Whether it's palette play in fall-inspired color combinations, capturing the soft light of slower fall mornings, or collecting leaves to appreciate the change happening around us - take a moment this season to get creative. 

Embracing the simplicity and stillness of fall is a much-needed transition from the liveliness and adventure of summer. A time to reflect, create, connect and explore - beauty in the everyday around us.

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