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The Story Behind Our Landscape Wallpaper

As a creative, I am constantly in search of connection and inspiration. Two places that endlessly connect me to both are nature and travel. 

Both take me out of my head - turning down the daily chatter constantly running through my brain - and help me to ground into my surroundings.

Both spark new ideas, a color combination, shape or texture to explore. A new solution to a problem I'd been working on.

Both connect me, deeply, to people I'd have missed in the hurried pace of daily life.

From the gentle sway of trees to the colors of a sunset, I find peace.
From the sound of the waves crashing to the shore, I find strength.

Nature has the power to soothe, to ignite, to bring us face to face with the beauty and wonder all around us - pushing us to get curious, to explore, to create, to connect deeply with the world around us. 

Our landscape wallpaper is a love letter to these two passions.
Created while sitting near the coasts and mountains of Italy and Southern California over the past two years of travel. Peaceful places that uplift and inspire me most.

Painted to capture the shapes of waves, mountaintops, hiking trails and small windy roads, in colors found in each locale. From the dusty dunes and sand tones in canyon, or the luscious greens of the verdent countryside, or the flower + water inspired spectrum - I hope each pattern brings a calm, joy-filled, peaceful presence to your home. 

For more dreamy landscape inspiration, head on over to our landscape Pinterest moodboard

Happy journeys!

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