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When it came time to start dreaming about our second pattern collection, we had no lack of inspiration from our recent travels. 

Looking through Jill's photo collection, we were inspired by the colors, shapes, marks, shadows and details captured in her summer travel to Italy and Southern California. A creative practice Jill does daily, but most especially when traveling, each image compelled us to design a line that celebrated the whimsy + wonder of travel, still calming and sophisticated enough to live with every day.  

These images (and so many more) inspired :

our Wanderhome Collection.

n. a strong desire to rediscover home

Travel and exploration have long been an eternal inspiration for us here at Color Kind Studio. The chance to step away from daily life and discover new sites, smells, shapes, color combinations, cultures, people. Is there anything better?

We actually think YES. One of our most, most favorite bits about travel is the discovery and curiosity a journey can inspire upon returning HOME.

Upon returning home and settling into the beauty of daily life, routine and the curated comforts of being in her own space - Jill studied the images and memories collected on her trip. What parts of the travel life did she want to keep while back at home? Intentional connections with friends, daily walks to notice the beauty around her, exploring new places in her own neighborhood.

And painting daily. Big bold marks and softer, subtler tones - all inspired by her images and time away. 

Our wanderhome collection seeks balance. Colors and shapes inspired by the expansive, wonder-filled slowness of travel blended with the calming beautiful comfort of home.

This palette and these marks, inspired by our summer travels are wrapping us in nostalgia and fun. Each pattern - evokes a sense of connection and memory - and we know it will inspire the same for you.

Happy wandering friends!


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