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As a creator and collector, I'm always on the hunt for inspiration to inform my painting practice, my interior space, my wardrobe, my soul...and from the early days of its existence, my go-to has been Pinterest

I adore using Pinterest as a place to capture ideas for color combinations, art exploration, fashion + styling loves, fab interior design ideas and much more. The ability to manage MANY boards for my MANY pursuits and passions make this a place I'm often found for hours at a time (when I need to be writing or painting or cleaning:) 

For the studio, I also love to build boards to celebrate our wallpaper patterns : the images from our camera + online that inspire a pattern, the products we think would look wonderful styled or worn alongside our designs, inspiration that vibes with our vibe. I find these boards help me to organize my thoughts, my images, the ideas I want to explore further - and end up bringing more energy and life to each design.

That's the case with our latest Landscape wallpaper collection. A collection first born on my summer travels to Italy and Southern California and the views and emotions that inspired that collection. This collection, started from small color swatches and abstract watercolor explorations slowly became our latest love. Inspired by the colors, the topography, the easy lifestyle in each locale, I want to wrap everything in this wallpaper to bring the calm, curiosity, exploration and slow-living I soak in when on holiday to my everyday.
We've curated a Landscape mood board of wanderlust images, colors and textures; inspired home goods that bring that easy vibe into your space; and a few fashion faves that will have you living that travel life everyday. 
Check out our Landscape Pinterest board, and our Landscape Wallpaper in Spectrum, Verde and Canyon colorways. We can't wait to see the life they inspire in your space!
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