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The Power of Color

My earliest childhood memories are of a multi-colored pastel floral comforter, my brother's brightly striped shirt (it was the 70s after all), red patent shoes, our copper brown sedan, my grandmother's stop sign red nails. Most of my childhood memories are punctuated by the colors around me at any given time.

Color, it seems, has woven an emotional storyline throughout my life - like a visual cue to look for the beauty, the joy, even (or especially) in the midst of chaos and change. 

Imagine my delight when Dopamine Decor started to make the rounds on Tik Tok and design circles in 2023 and continues to pick up steam into 2024. Reported to be a return to colorful spaces in a way to infuse warmth, story and emotion into our spaces post-Pandemic this shift brings me such JOY. 

Colorful Interior Spaces

 Top Row : Left, Middle, Right

Middle Row :  LeftRight

Bottom Row : Left, Middle, Right

In 2019, I embraced my own version of Dopamine Decor in our home when we remodeled our space. Embracing color as accent walls, bathing entire rooms in tined neutrals, infusing furnishings with color and pattern, embracing my love for wallpaper. 

Color Grid Multi

Our studio was actually born during this remodel, when my interior designer and I had a small painting turned into a wallpaper for a powder bath. Little did I know, that tiny painting would spark a company, launch into product design, and become our best seller to this day!  

When searching for interior inspiration, I'm drawn again and again to color first. The story and emotion that come through in a well-designed, beautifully hued space is unmatched. Quirky, calm, playful, formal - so much can be conveyed quickly with a thoughtful approach to color usage.

Colorful Interiors Color Kind Studio

Top Row : Left, Right

Middle Row :  Left, Middle, Right

Bottom Row : Left, Middle, Right

I adore looking at these thoughtfully curated homes awash in color. From bold furnishings, to entire rooms awash in tints, to artwork, textiles, accents - there's no wrong way to saturate your space in your favorite color combos. 

I hope that your space tells your story, fills your bucket, brings you much joy and delight when you walk through your door. And that if not - you'll bring in some pieces and accents to spark and excite you! 

As always, more colorful interiors to love on our Pinterest. And a round-up of our favorite colorful home finds to add a bit of hued warmth to your home. 


Header image via Nicola Harding


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