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What We're Loving May Edition

May, oh lovely, busy, beautiful May! I love the energy of May - full of celebrations, wrap-ups, a buzz of energy and joy as we head into summer. 

My birthday and Mother's Day fall back to back in May - and I love the fanfare and slowness that is coming with both this year. As a mom, an artist, an entrepreneur, friend, partner, daughter - in the midst of a move, I'm calling in quiet, slow, reflective, small celebrations to mark the passing of time.

With so MUCH calling for my attention right now - I'm having to manage each day with love and rigor. Most days, I'm a loose to do list follower, preferring to structure my day + time based on my energy. Every single May, even in a year that doesn't culminate in an end of the month move, functions otherwise.

The sprinty pace that comes with this joy-filled month , perpetually somewhere to be, someone to toast, something to do, is one I love -  knowing that soon it will be June and I'll fall exhaustedly into a quiet hermiting start to summer. 

What I'm loving (and gifting) this month:

Fresh flowers, all the time. I love to have fresh blooms around on the regular and these peonies I was recently gifted are now on my list to give often. If you're more of a gardner / gatherer yourself - I'm constantly swooning over Floret Flower's Instagram feed - and on my someday list is to take their online workshop

A charcuterie board always fits the occasion for hosting or gifting. I'm a fan of a DIY - but this overnight shippable beauty looks like a perfect gift for your far-away mom or friend! 

I'm a sucker for a statement coffee mug. I recently had coffee with a friend and swooned over her mugs so adamantly that she gifted me my own set for my birthday. To gift, I'd add a bag of my favorite coffee beans, and voila! 

Clare V. is perpetually on my wish list, especially around Mother's Day. They have a long-standing partnership with Every Mother Counts, a non-profit founded by Christy Turlington that works to make childbirth save for all mommas around the world. I'm especially loving this scarf and this heart locket

As we're wrapping our home + time in Dallas up, I'm looking forward to creating small, intimate moments with my favorite friends here. All of these would also be great dates for Mother's Day, IMO, a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening building connection and making memories. On my list : walks around the lake, Sunday brunches, packing lunches, a spa date lunch.

And if none of these strike your fancy for gifting - there's always bread

Need other gifting ideas? Check out our May loves Pinterest board, full of our favorite finds and tries this month. 


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