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Color Crush : Sunshine

Yellow.  A happy, vibrant color - full of energy and life. It’s a color I incorporate often in art, but seldom in interiors. Likely a result of my college overdose obsession with sunflowers in my dorm. Drapes, bedspread, pillows, art. 🌼🌼🌼 Needless to say, I mostly shied away from yellow for years to come post-college.

Now, as a mom and an artist - I'm reminded of the joyful exuberance of this bold hue. It’s the color of sun and smiley faces. Of rain coats and optimism. Used as an accent in styling a room or an outfit - it adds a dopamine dose of unexpected whimsy and joy - something I am ALWAYS here for.


Yellow can instantly brighten up a space - and your mood, making it feel more cheerful and inviting. Whether it's a small pop of yellow in a throw pillow or a bold yellow accent wall, this vibrant hue has the power to uplift the energy of any room (or outfit.) 

Introducing yellow in both art and interiors says hey, hey! Let's get happy. And happy, joy, color-fiiled anything feels like a mood we can always get behind.

American Artist Kenneth Noland via Artnet

Enjoy our homage to our color crush of the week. And as always, more on our Pinterest mood board.

Header Image credit: Linda van der Wal – Studio Deense Zomer via Living Etc.

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