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The Earth Laughs in Flowers.

As a child of the 70's, I remember the isolated events and celebrations of Earth Day in its early years. One day where we focused on recycling, planting flowers, celebrating the earth. 

Now, close to half a century later - this day has come to mean so much more as we watch the effects of climate change thought to be so far in the future greet us daily with a reminder that this beautiful planet and her resources are not infinite. Earth Day almost seems like a relic of the past - something that should instead be celebrated and honored daily - if we have any hope of preserving and protecting our future home from further damage. 

It's easy in these days to find the real talk about this planet, and to feel a bit hopeless and sad (hello google search history 2 am, we see you.) But lately, I've also been finding - and seeking - stories that give me hope and optimism, AND some actionable to do's that I can bring into the studio, into our home and into my family life to do our part in caring for our most beautiful home of all, Mother Earth. 

Today, a helpful and hopeful round-up of recent reads, finds and lovelies to share with you and yours as we all seek ways to do our part. 

I first found the writing of Laura Fenton as she interviewed me for last year's Luxe Interior + Design's feature on our studio. I've since become a devoted reader of her Living Small substack for tips and ideas on living sustainably. She offers amazing bite-sized inspiration that you can implement in your own home through modeling how she mostly avoids single-use plastic or micro-goals for sustainable gardening all in a welcoming-we-can-all-try-these-conversational writing style. 

This podcast about a scientific experiment to cool the Earth in the short term, was both inspiring AND a wake-up call. 

Two of our favorite sites for all things climate + sustainable living : The Good Trade and The Daily Climate

I love a good re-purposed building story. Or three. Like this post-office transformed a charming home, a church turned skate park, or this Marfa pizza stop orignially located in a repurposed gas station. Ever since I visited it in 2011, I've been dreaming of my own gas station art gallery / studio. Someday. 

Did you know our wallpaper is sustainably produced right here in the USA? Our wallpaper is made to order in Connecticut. We love their commitment to quality work, to low waste and eco-responsible materials and methods. Including FSC-certified paper and low water printing techniques. 

Of course, we all know lowering our consumption + shopping habit is the goal - AND, we also need to have sustainable shopping options to replace what we no longer use or need. We've curated a Pinterest board full of some of our most favorite fashion + home finds that come from sustainably-minded and practicing brands. 

For today, and always, let's keep doing our best to love and live well on Earth. Making the best choices we can for ourselves, our people, our plants and animals and our planet. 

Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

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