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Calm in Chaos (otherwise known as summer.)

This week we're turning the page.  Starting a new chapter, full of new beginnings. My daughter and I are leaving Dallas, leaving OUR first space that was truly ours - and leaving the city I've called home for 26 years.

A city that brought me SO much joy, connection, learning experience.

Dallas, and these last chapters (entire books even) were all about connection. Connection to my big Greek family that is mostly based here. Connection to my creativity, at first as hobby, and then as a career. Connection to my love of travel, culture, color and spotting trends - brought to me through my long corporate career - in itself an entire lifetime, and another story.

Dallas also brought me the best support group. Friends, family, walking and carpool partners who soon became besties. This group gave me the courage, the stability, the knowing that no matter what - someone had our backs. We are leaving Dallas surrounded by the BEST. Best of friends, sweetest school, supportive family. 

This support allowed me to take BIG risks : leave my career, start this studio, spend our summers at the beach, try out lots of different versions of me, of us. 

We're leaning into the next version of US with a move to Austin. Not so far geographically that we'll lose the connections and friendships we've built in Dallas. But just far, and different enough, that it feels like we're starting over in many ways. 

A move into a new house, with my partner. Blending our families when his three grown children visit. A new school, new friends, a new support system to build from the ground up. These days ahead are going to test and stretch us in ways unknown. 

Chaotic? FOR SURE.

Calming? also weirdly yes.

I'm looking forward to a clearing. A bit of a reset. Taking only our BEST, MOST LOVED bits of Dallas and letting the rest go. Less stuff, less to-do's that we've outgrown, less work that no longer aligns with where we're headed. 

To add to our support group with new friends, a blended family, new connections. 

I'm not quite sure how you know when it's time to take that next big risk, but for me, for us, this feels like the next right move. We're excited, and anxious. Hopeful, and sad. I imagine we'll live on that continuum for the next bit as we settle in and experience all the ups and downs that come with an ending...and a new beginning.

Here's to summer, and all the chaos this season will bring your way! And here's hoping that you find some calm amidst the chaos of the days ahead.  


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