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Color Crush : Watermelon (and settling.)

Most of this week I haven't been quite sure of the day. Settling into our new home base in Austin has been an exhilarating jumble of unpacking, purging, organizing, hosting, exploring, settling. 

The pace of the settling has been the most surprising. I'd spent enough time here in recent years to vaguely know my way around the city. This week, as I began truly being a resident - felt different. Empowering, exciting, unknown. Yet also oddly familiar. 

Something about this space, this home, these people we're melding with - feels easy, comfortable, like a big exhale in the middle of chaos. 

It's also brought up a deep sense of longing and nostalgia for my childhood. Specifically summers. I can't quite remember many details about my childhood - but I remember loving summer. Being away from the house most of the day. Exploring the woods behind our house, swimming at a friend's house, riding bikes for days. As I experience summer again as a mom - the simpler pace and joyful presence is a welcome respite from the busy-ness of the year. 

I'm leaning wayyyyyy into the lazy days of summer with slow mornings, dinners and coffee al fresco, and daily soaks in the pool. And fruit. Lots and lots of summer fruit. 

There's nothing like juicy watermelon in the hot Texas sun, and while I have yet to have that first perfect bite this year, I'm looking forward to juicy goodness all season long. 


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