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The Great Summer Slow-Down.

Summer. My favorite season to shake up my schedule. To slow down, lean into hobbies, the outdoors, play.

Today...a little list of summer slowness I'm seeking and soaking in.

Afternoon soaks. Pools, lakes, streams, ocean, tubs. I'm here for ALL of them. 

Letting our messy joy live around us in our home longer than I'm normally comfortable. 

Moving my body (daily.) Dancing, walking, jumping, hiking, swimming, pilates + yogaing. Moving my body connects me to my soul, my creativity, my source. 

Barefoot grass walking. Feet under knees. Knees under hips. Hips under shoulders. Green grass + earth's beauty underfoot. 

Exploring my new city. Farmer's markets, local hikes and swimming holes, coffee shops, museums and small shops. I can't wait to be a tourist in my own home. 

Perfect my summer pizza game. Starting here

Summering alongside my daughter. Sleeping in, thrifting, baking, sno cone taste-testing. 

Slowing down to stillness. Morning pages, meditation, journaling. 

Less scrolling. More reading. See my bookmarked list here. 

What's on your summer slow-down list? 

header image Photo by Akira Hojo on Unsplash
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