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smitten over stripes. (still)

I've long been a lover of classic pattern design. Something tried and true - versatile enough to work in any design style, any color. A pattern that can be equally at home IN the home, as on the street.

Enter the stripe. The most classic of the classics.

I mean, what's not to love?

The strong symmetry - providing grounding and structure. The simplicity of the shape - able to take on a variety of textures, layouts, applications. Today's round-up is paying homage to some of our favorite rooms, products and finds in case you too are a bit smitten with the stripe. 

Agnes Martin
Agnes Martin art

This favorite has been revisited from artists - old and new. 

In colors classic to bold. 

In rooms, clothing and design. Again and again. 

Color Kind Studio Stripe RoundUp
images top :  alex proba rug, loloi rug,  black and tan sofa
images middle : bedroom striped pink shirt pink stripe textile
images bottom :  striped skirtstriped bathroom red and cream bench sofa 

And finally. Of course. There's wallpaper. Ours, specifically. Our deconstructed, painterly take on this classic. Meshing the symmetry and rhythm of stripe with the organiic feathery hand painted edges and watery colors. Swoon-worthy FOR SURE. 

Whether you're going for a nautical, contemporary, or rustic aesthetic, stripes effortlessly adapt to any style, adding character, depth, and a touch of whimsy to your living spaces.
Join us in dreaming about this pattern for your home and style because if there's something I know for sure, it will add a touch of magic, creating spaces that are uniquely yours and utterly inviting.


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