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Hello Friday, and hellooooo weekend! We are ready! The weekend brings a time to reset from the week, to gear up for another and to squeeze in a bit more time for making than the hurried weekday pace. On our agenda this weekend, some painting, some writing and some friend time. Hope you have a good one planned!

Fall mail has started to arrive, giving us color inspiration for future project. A few of our favorite palettes via Anthropologie home, J. Crew’s fall lineup, and Domino’s Fall Issue. We hoard our favorites into swipe piles and magazine holders for easy perusing whenever we’re in need of a color crush infusion.

We love to listen to good music when we’re working + making. Shay’s our resident DJ and made this mix for your creating soundtrack.

I’m not quite ready to ditch my obsession with pinks, lilacs and grey, but Sherwin William’s 2019 color of the year makes a compelling case for adding this rusty neutral into the mix. Very 70’s and very calming.

Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau image via This is Colossal

Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau image via This is Colossal

271 years pre-Pantone books, this Dutch artist was WAY ahead of his time. A handwritten 800 page tome on watercolor, color mixing + theory. Only 1 copy exists, and OH what a beauty it is.

On our to-gift list_ this book, this candle and these amazing towels.

In a world where Twitter = negativity, I am in love with artist Moose Allian’s small list of joys. A few of mine_ full body greetings from my pup, morning cuddles with s., painting small daily journals, just right french fries (not too soft or too crispy) and coffee catchups with friends.

Happy weekend!

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