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My 3 Favorite Gifts to Give for Creativity

We were all born creative, and what better time to celebrate that than the holiday season of 2020! A year full of stress, loss, change, isolation - inviting your friends and family BACK to a creative habit with a thoughtfully chosen gift may be just the thing they (and you) need to find or restart a joyful new hobby! 

Below, a curated a list of my 3 Favorite Gifts to Give for Creativity- including books, art supplies, and (of course) original art. I return to these again and again to share my love of all things art + creativity with those I love the most. 

blue books


I love to gift books for most any occasion. To share my favorite recent reads, to inspire someone to start or continue a new hobby or to just share a book for us to gush over together.

I first read this book in January of 2017, and it inspired me to return to daily creative making. Painting + writing at first, and eventually finding my way to leaving corporate life behind to pursue making art + spreading joy, through this site. 

I’m not advocating we all leave our jobs, but this book, especially at the end of an anxiety-ridden year, will be a welcome read + inspirational whisper to start finding your own creative voice.

In a year mostly void of travel, gifting a visual treat for our eyes to experience the beauty and wonder of another place would be a WELCOME gift to any creative! 

I especially love these in this year_ 

There’s nothing like a coloring book or journal to jump-start a creative practice. 

This year, I’m obsessed with_ 

cfm watercolors

Art Supplies

Next, a go-to for adults + kids alike? A box of curated, well-tested art supplies guaranteed to get ANYONE started in making some art. 

My tested + well-gifted faves_

geo art

Original Art

And last, but certainly not least. Original art! Who doesn’t love gifting original art, especially in a year where your dollars go directly to supporting an artist pursuing her dream. 

A few of my faves_

  • Cliff + Callahan, run by Molly, a local Dallas-artist, and her work are curious, happy and perfect for most any decor. 

  • Ashley Mary is a Minneapolis based artist whose work just makes me HAPPY every time I see it. I’d love to wake up to a piece of her work every morning. 

  • And Tappan Collective always has some great artists featured, that you can discover and gift!

And friends, these would also make great gifts for yourself! Creativity truly can bring joy and stress relief in a crazy year, so what are you waiting for? 

Happy Gifting,

Jill Xx

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