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Color Crush_ Hues of Blue

In the spirit of wintertime I felt inspired to curate a hues of blue color crush post. Perhaps to inspire my next painting session or a re-arrangement of objects around the house to highlight this shade. 

Blue is one of my most favorite colors! It can be both calming, and invigorating. A neutral, or the perfect POP. Even non-color lovers tend to love BLUE. What’s not to love?

A few images inspiring my imagination these days_

blue home decor

Never not a fan of items arranged neatly, especially in beautiful color formation!

blue watercolors

A beautiful range of limited-edition blues from my oh-so-favorite SF watercolor shop. 

blue notebook

I mean, I could always use another notebook, right?!?

blue pencil sharpener

So cute to gift (or keep for yourself.)

blue and white pottery lamp

Loving this pattern and sense of water + nature it could bring into your space.

cobalt blue wallpaper

The most amazing shibori-inspired wallpaper, I’m in. 

blue living room

Never leaving this sofa...

indigo pillow

Indigo at its finest.

blue and white trays

This happy little trio!

indigo tie dye towels

More indigo dyed, love. 

blue artwork

Peace, calm and creativity in one piece.


Until Next Time,

Jill Xx

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