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Introducing: Wanderlust Collection

Travel has always invited me to become more curious about my life. Wandering the streets in a new-to-me locale, the routine of daiily life on pause, is when I'm most available to explore the space between thinking and action. Each trip widens the lens through which I see the world, and my purpose in it. 

As an artist and a curious soul, I find purpose in seeking and sharing the beauty and magic in the smalles of moments. Moments that we often miss when we're rushing about our daliy life. Travel is like the great reminder to stay present. To find the beauty in every moment : every sunset, firefly, faded building, smile from a stranger. In each interaction with nature, the world and its people. 

Today, I'm excited to launch my Wanderlust collection. A small curation of paintings inspired by my love of travel. Colors captured in the Italian countryside, marks inspired by the landscapes of Southern California. Calm beauty in each piece, connecting me (and you) to awe and wonder all around us. 

Stop by and visit our latest collection today! 

Thank you ALL for supporting my small studio, my artist dreams, my love of color and creating. I’m so honored you’re my kind - color kind. 






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