In Praise of Stuff. Just Not Too Much.


I like stuff. Lots of stuff. Books galore. Paints + paper a plenty. Rocks, feathers, crystals and shells adorning my space. Enough collected bits of joy to inspire a lifetime. Obviously, this makes for a pretty eclectic and organic home - but it is a lot of work to keep it all organized and in its place.

A combination of the recent Marie Kondo mania + minimal home decor sweeping social media - have left me wondering if this love of stuff + collecting is good. Both have me yearning to purge everything I own and start over with a neutral, simplified existence. To rethink surfaces not as canvases for display but just as surfaces - meant to be clean and unadorned.

Yet, as a creative - I believe in the beauty of my collections. I know the power of being inspired by a long-forgotten book or painting. The moment an object sparks an idea. The connection in seeing found pieces displayed together - inviting play and distraction into my day.

And there I sit. A wanna-be minimalist. With a love for collecting.

I see the value of tidying up, I’m just not sure it’s life-changing for me.


As is my January tradition, I’ve been going through room by room and doing inventory. As a creative, an artist and a mom sharing a home a literal hoarding 7-year-old, this is no easy task. I’m taking time to part with what is no longer useful or relevant. Moving items back to their rightful home and re-connecting with pieces that have been out of sight (and mind) for too long. I’m taking parts of the Kondo craze and applying them liberally in how I value things. Joy + value, finds a home. What no longer serves me, moving on. Some areas are quite easy. I’ve gotten rid of over half my clothes, and am ready to do another painless round - whittling down to just my favorites that I’m happy to wear again and again. Other areas, I’m visiting again and again (books + art supplies + S’s artwork) to ensure that I really need to hold on to so much stuff.

I’ll never get to minimalist status. But taking tips and inspiration is helping me to better organize my space. To curate and question and purge more frequently. To hold onto what brings me joy + inspiration, and happily move out anything that doesn’t.

Tell me. Where do you fall on that minimalist to hoarder spectrum?

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