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At the start of the year, I made a tiny, but significant change to my nightly routine. All a part of my 2019 intention to be more present in each moment. I’ve banished phone time from 8 pm on, using my evenings instead to read, write or create in some way. This small shift has lead to deeper sleep, easier mornings and less overall screen time daily. I look forward to this ME time each night as the perfect way to end my day - especially in these cold winter nights, there’s nothing more calming than a little fireside inspiration session to bring some closure to the day. What small shifts have you found that make the biggest change in your daily routine?


In need of some inspiration yourself? These 6 Ted Talks will help you unleash your inner creativity.

Reading that Design*Sponge was closing this year resonated so strongly with me. What brilliance Grace brought to the design world by forging the way and becoming a hub for creatives of all kinds through her blog, books + community. The guts it must have taken for her to end this run and close it down with such humility and a gift of a long farewell. Amazing. As a former corporate executive, who LOVED my job right up until the last moment I left - I can truly relate to the struggle + choice Grace reached to find what’s NEXT for her. I wrote about my decision here, and now more than one year out from that shift, I’m still feeling the push and pull of figuring out life as I know it. Thinking I should write about this again soon…

It’s soup season. My favorites always on rotation here and here.

Loved this post at Cup of Jo_ What Would You Like to Learn This Year? Learning new things is one of the best ways to flex your creative muscle, test new skills and expand your curiosity. I planned my creative year to build time for classes + workshops around_ improving my photoshop + illustrator skills, taking a pottery class, a pigment making class and learning letterpress. LOTS Of things. Thankfully, I can do some online, some in one day workshops and a couple in longer class form so it will be manageable to fit it in. Share what your learning this year in the comments below.

Enjoy your weekend!

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