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Gift Guide : Shop Small

We adore this festive time of year, even with the hurried busy-ness that it brings. We look forward to finding ways to slow down, to make time for the things that matter most to us. 

Connection. Celebration. Tradition. Really holding space for our people, our beliefs, ourselves. 

One of the ways we like to show love to family and friends, is by making and choosing gifts that really speak to them. We start researching early, collecting bits and gifts throughout the year when something catches our eye.

Curating meaningful and personal gifts - a new piece of art from a favored artist, a perfectly hued set of linen napkins, or quirky + cozy socks - we obsess over gifting something our loved ones will use often that will bring some warmth, some happy, some magic to their soul.

holiday gift guide shop small

LDBA Watercolor Paints, Laptop Clutch, Farm Girl Flowers
Sezane Coat, Sarah Martinez Painting, Colours of Arley bed
Grain and Knot Carved Brush, Mono Stripe Socks, Color Kind Studio Hand Painted Journal

This year, we're focusing on supporting small businesses with our purchases and are happy to be highlighting a few of our favorites today in our gift guide round-up. 

Artists, makers, craftspeople - all putting their goods and brands putting their talent, gifts and joy out in the world to share. These little brands could use our support year round - and especially in this time of year.

We've curated today's post and LOTS MORE over at our shop small gift guide round-up Pinterest board.

Happy Gifting! 


Header Image :
Nail Polish, Minna Rust Arc Throw, Noble Utility Suit
Madre Linens, Sweet Laurel Bakery Cake, Mattina Moderna Lamp
Bodha Incense, Emily Jeffords Print, Madre Linen Ribbons


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