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There is nothing I love more than a good gallery wall. Full of personality and whimsy, my favorites tell a good story and become the focal point of any space they occupy. Half conversation starter, half large-scale scrapbook, I love a tightly curated, but eclectic mix of items. Paintings sitting next to photographs, fine art next to your child’s latest creation - those are some of the best gallery walls in my opinion. I’m currently building one for our stairway - a mix of original art from S. and I, paired with some vintage paintings, art prints and other goodies.

Looking to add one to your space? A few of my favorites below, and why I think they work so beautifully!

leaning wall.jpg

Color, color, color. This beautifully edited wall fits in seamlessly with the design and materials in the space it occupies. Mostly focused on black and cream, with a couple of careful pops of whisky to add depth, this neutral wall is cozy and rich. I love the ‘in progress’ feel of this perfect corner. Pieces leaned against the wall, stacked on frames. It feels polished, yet approachable and lived in its un-doneness.

pastel corner wall.jpg

Choosing a single color to work around, pink in this happy corner, helps a wall to feel cohesive and curated. What a cheery and happy invitation to your workday.


A collection of objects can be a playful and unexpected gallery wall. This hand-painted basket wall is chic and beautiful in both its scale, texture and design.

abstract taped wall.jpg

For the commitment-phobe, this taped version is the perfect way to start your gallery wall. I adore and always use this style in my workspace. Perfect for living mood + vision walls to inform and inspire current and future work, or to just display some of your favorite images in an un-precious way.

blush pop art restaurant.jpg

The repetition in frame, size and scale of the artwork works perfectly here against this blush wall + restaurant. I especially love the bold graphic look against the soft, femininity of the space surrounding it.

faces gallery wall.jpg

Pick a theme and build your collection around that. Love this portrait wall in a mix of colors + styles and the play against artfully arranged book stacks below.

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