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Friday- This One Feels Different

Hello Friday. 

These days, Friday’s have just become another day as weekdays and weekends all mesh together. 

When you’re spending the majority of your time at home, it’s easy to lose track of time. For the days to feel like never-ending repetitions of the one before. And the one to come.

But. This Friday feels different.

Frozen adult drinks

Lots of new thinking taking shape in my brain. 

About life. And what I want this next phase to look and feel and be like. 

About art and what I want to learn and make and do more of.

About mothering. And how to more enjoy this time of uncertainty and endless time with my girl. 

About where this business will go. New products I might launch. New things to teach. 

How to share more creativity and joy with the world. Daily. Especially joy.


In such a time of change, I know I can get stuck pretty easily. 

Focusing on the never-ending barrage of not-so-great news. The unfairness, inequality, pain and suffering going on in the world - and especially in my home country. 

It’s sad. It’s enraging. But it’s also a catalyst. 

For change. Within ourselves. Within our families. Our community. Our days. 

How we spend our time, our energy, our money matters. I can’t control MUCH, but I can control these things. 

I can shift my perspective. And work on my heart. 

I can learn ways to do better, to be better, to have more conversations that build.

To slow down the pace of my thoughts and my words. 

To remember to be thankful for ALL the good I do have. 

smiley face- bright background

So today, I’m focused on hope. On optimism. On all the new projects, emerging dreams, new work, more rituals with S., more hope for a better future - today, tomorrow and in our lifetimes.

Change. And discomfort. These are good things in my book.

Invitations to create something new. 

It feels like finally (for me) the uncertainty of these past few months is starting to build into something that will guide my next phase. Not sure what just yet, but I can feel it coming.

So in the meantime, until I get my answers, I’ll just keep creating! 

Happy Friday to this little group of ours. This little group that keeps on making art, making smiles, carving out time for YOU. For change. For doing things that bring you joy. That help you rest. That help you root down, plug in and connect.

You might need to dance. To sing. To paint. To cook. Whatever it is that you need, today and always, I hope for you that you listen to that. Take some time for your art, so your art can give you time for you. 



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