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The Story of Our Little Business.

Hi there. I'm so happy you're here. One thing I love, as a consumer, is getting to know the story and the people behind a product or brand. So today, friends. Here's ours. 

I'm Jill. The founder of Color Kind Studio.

  • I'm an artist (a title I'm still learning to claim as my own.)
  • A momma to a 10 year old daughter and a 4 year old pup.
  • I'm also a sometimes writer, chef, yogi, meditator, energy seeker, curious soul who loves culture, travel, art, design, color, fashion.
  • BUT. I also love research and science and data and spent many years on the marketing business side of design.

A lifelong creative soul who's never met a museum, an art supply store class or book she didn't adore, I found myself called into creating art again as a hobby in 2015. I began painting - most days as a way to connect to my center, and infuse play and colorful joy in my schedule.

Fast forward to 2020, and like you, we were spending most of our days at home. Grateful to be healthy, and safe with my little family - I was desperate to bring a bit more joy and color into our home.  After a lengthy search for the perfect wallpaper,  I decided to have one of my small paintings - Color Grid - made into a wallcovering for our bathroom

✨ Magic. 

Color Kind Studio was born out of my love for art and creating. A space for the artist and the business nerd in me to play well together. and share this love with others.

Creating playful, calm, joyful moments of art and design to bring color and creativity into your own happy home. 

We are a female-owned business. Supported by a tiny, but mighty, circle of other female creatives : a writer, a photographer and designers that help bring Color Kind Studio to life. 

My goal. In art, in life, and most especially here - is to share love, connection, joy with the world. I'm so thrilled to get to do that through original art, wallpaper and many more products to come. 

I'm thankful you're here. I hope you'll bring a bit of CKS into your world + space, whether through our products or simply inviting a bit of curiosity into your days. 

image by Christina Childress

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