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Face plates by Jean Jullien

Face plates by Jean Jullien

What do you get when you mix baby blue, hot pink, yellow, a hint of khaki and some black and white? An awesome unexpected color combo that works in every aspect of your life, from fashion, to interiors, to art and beyond. Here at the The Color Kind, we’re inspired by color + creativity…every single day. But, we especially love when we stumble across a fresh combination that inspires us to create + curate a bit differently in that moment.

Atlier Bingo

Atlier Bingo

Striped slay top, Roxy sweater, Jordan pant, Castaner Carina via Man Repeller

Striped slay top, Roxy sweater, Jordan pant, Castaner Carina via Man Repeller

I was first drawn to this collage by Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau, an illustrator/designer duo from France, known as Bingo. Their color choice inspired me to do a quick dot color study using Color Aid paper. We hoard this paper in bulk at our studio and use it for everything. I like this process for planning a room, a painting or even putting an outfit together. Starting with an interesting color combination gets my creative juices popping every time and inspires me to see color through a different lens each time. I think of how to bring this combo to life in my daily routine…instead of wearing the same ole’ black shoes, I’ll try the light blue for a change.


Or, punch a pop of yellow to a neutral room. Even West Elm is getting in on this exact color combo in this shot from a recent catalog.

If you’re in love as we are, but aren’t sure where to start, here are some of my faves that have make the hunt easy for you. I love this Bread and Butter tee by Katie Kimmel. Who doesn’t love / need colorful sticky notes in their life?

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