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Happy weekend guys. This weekend is the official start of fall, and as much as we love summer, we’re ready. As much as we love summer, we love fall MORE. Fall layers, leaves changing colors and early darkness are all things that make these two introverts happy happy happy.

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One of the coolest paint chip projects we’ve seen, this would be a great weekend activity to do with your kids.

Apparently these candles are good. We both separately + unknowingly purchased them on the same day this week. We bought this and this scent. Heaven.

The color love runs deep over here. Just started reading this and journaling in this. Both beautifully designed + innovative discussions on color, one from a historical point of view and the other from an emotional standpoint. Both amazing and highly recommended if you are a #colornerd too.


Currently obsessed with the work of visual artist Erica O’Keefe. An architect AND photographer, her work blends those two worlds and uses the happy, joyous colors to uplift + inspire. We can’t pick a favorite.

If you’re in the mood for some binge watching this weekend, cozy up to Keone + Mari. A husband + wife duo who dance, teach + choreograph with and for some of the biggest names in entertainment. After the first dance I saw of theirs, I’ve slowly worked my way through all that they do. Amazing.

A little weekend love for you.

xx, jill + shay

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