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I blame the 80s. The decade that we both transitioned from kid to teen, awkwardly as ever, and a decade that bestowed on us a life-long love of neons. Recently rediscovered thanks to this watercolor set, we’ve been painting + creating little pops of wow on everything from buttons, branding, daily journals and larger works - we’re kind of stuck in a fluorescent loop - and we’re not sad about it.

When we look around we’re not the only ones loving these hues. From art, to home goods, to fashion - we see these brights popping up, and continuing to show their strength even as the seasons turn. We love the moment it’s having, and hope you do too.

via Lonny mag
on Shay’s desk

on Shay’s desk

one of Jill’s paintings

one of Jill’s paintings


1. Uniqlo vest - womens and mens - $39.90. 2. Gouache paint yellow - $6.15. 3. Gouache paint pink - $6.15. 4. Beanie - $12. 5. Adidas Sneakers - $57. 6. Pouch - $19.50. 7. Cotopaxi Windbreaker - $80. 8. Hair Ties - $11. 9. Neon thread - $3.50 each. 10. Dog leash - $25.

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