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10 Prompts for Creative Journaling

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Let's Get Making! 

By now, you've heard us talk a lot about WHY you should start a creative practice.  Today, let's focus on the HOW.  We know the hardest part of any new habit is the starting - especially if it's been a while since you last exercised your creative muscles.  To get you over that hurdle, we're sharing our 10 easy to use prompts to get your juices flowing. 

What we’ve found in our own daily practice, is the great many benefits carving out time to create can bring.   Reduced stress, increased joy, a few daily moments for fun + solitude - all good things.  We think that once you start - in small short daily doses - you'll be as hooked as we are.  Our daily journals are a great tool for us to practice this on the regular. Below, are some of the tried and tested tools we return to again and again when we’re stumped on what to make on any given day.



1.  Beautify one of your favorite phrases, quotes or words.  Keep it light + motivational.  Add color, outlines or hand lettering beauty to your heart's content.
2.  Play with color.  Could be single color, or 3 - 5 of your current color crushes and just apply them to the page, not worrying about shape or design.  The colors themselves will be the art and should be a palette that makes you happy just looking at it.  We love adding a neon for this_)  
3.  Collage.  Cut words, images or patterns from business cards, packaging or magazines and glue them to a page.  Keep it as busy or as simple as you want.  
4.  Doodle, doodle, doodle.  Using thick black pen or pencil, scribble on a page just to see what marks you naturally make.  These can later become backgrounds as you add color to accent the marks OR just as beautiful on their own. 
5.  Pattern play.  Make a simple pattern out of dots, squares, lines.  Using one color to create the pattern, or add some color.


6.  Collect nature items. Leaves, sticks, shells or rocks are all perfect canvases on which to add your creativity. Decorate with paint or paint pens and have fun displaying these goodies around your home.
7.  Thumbprint stamp character.  Bring your fingerprints to life by adding marks to make characters, creatures and objects out of your ink blots.  
8.  Sticker party.  Embellish your page with stickers, making a pattern - or adding faces for even more fun.  
9.  Make a mandala.  Or color one.  This simple pattern is both calming + beautiful.
10.  Splatter paint.  Yes, you remember how to do this from your youth. It’s just as fun + creative today as it was then!

So. Go. Get started! Get messy. Have fun.

And remember, focus on the process. The wonder, the freedom, the play that comes from doing something just for you. Don’t stress about the outcome. Whether it’s good, or bad - that’s not for you to figure out. Nor is it the point. Today. We’re just playing and having fun.


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