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What’s up buttercups? Friday is here - so that means Scouts + Shouts. If you’re new here, we use this column to share link list of things we've scouted to help you on your creative journey.  Could be products we love, artists we're inspired by, recent reads, listens and must-sees.  Think of us as your own personal creativity coach, here to inspire + prod you on your own journey.

We're looking forward to some painting, some fall organizing + some cozy indoor time as it looks like rain is in our forecast for the next 2 days straight.


A beautiful example of how to use color even in a modern home.

We’re in love with Danish artist Sophie Klerk. Amazing works in mixed media that strike just the right blend of color, texture and wonder in our book.

We’re recently obsessed with these amazing fluorescent paints (pink, yellow, red) and OMG. Now we’re stocking up on the pales (lavender, mint, pink.)

Looking for to take your sketchbook practice up a notch? We recommend this class on Skillshare. Not yet a member, use this link and get two months FREE. It’s a great way to learn + try new things, at your own pace, when you have a few free minutes.

In need of some Netflix + chill this weekend? Never fear. My friend Kate of Wit + Delight has you covered with a comprehensive list of what to watch when you need a lift.

In case you missed it, we talked our favorite art tools here and 30 quotes to inspire here.

Happy Weekend friends!

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