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February 23, 2024

Color Crush : Sage

February 09, 2024

Story Time : Color Kind Studio

Color Crush_ Interiors to Inspire

pink gallery wall.jpg

Are you an all-white or a bust out the rainbow type of interior lover? Me? I’m somewhere in between. I love the crisp backdrop of a mostly white room, which allows for pops of color in accessories, textiles and art. BUT. I also love me a bold wall that sets the mood for the room. In our home currently, the palest pink in a sitting room, bold navy in a bedroom and explosive blue stripes in my daughter’s room. After spying these bold hued interiors, I’ve got the itch to paint EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

blue half wall.jpg
teal walls.jpg
bluewalls and sofa.jpg
coral rust dining room.jpg
pink wall black chair.jpg

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