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10 April To-Dos to Ramp Up Creativity


April. One of the most beautiful months of the year. The name itself, means to open - a nod to all the growth in nature and new beginnings we see take place. With that in mind, I say we celebrate the start of the new month with a little opening for ourselves. Some time and space to connect with our creativity. To celebrate the art of making messes. To have fun and just be absorbed in the moment.

A few ways to start_

Grab a pencil + some paper. Set a timer. Doodle for 5 minutes. Notice your mood at the beginning and again when the timer goes off. Better?

Be a sky gazer. Remember as a child seeing magic in the shapes of clouds? Reconnect to that memory and spend a few minutes laying in the grass and imagining what you see.

Visit a museum. Always a good inspirational outing, and especially on April 6th - Slow Art Day. A practice for doing just what the name says, viewing art slowly and with intention. Make note of what speaks to you in each piece. Is it color? A memory that is stirred from childhood? Shapes or expressions that draw you into the work?


Read something inspiring. Some of our favorites here.

Collect leaves, branches, rocks and sticks on your walk. Spell a word, or build a sculpture out of your bounty.

Pick a new recipe + get cooking. On my list this month this burger, this pasta and this salmon bowl.

Visit your local arboretum, nature gardens or nursery to view the color + beauty nature is showing off right now.

Arrange some flowers.

Start your daily journal. A quick, daily habit I swear by to keep my creative juices flowing, my focus and presence calm and centered, and to relieve stress and invite fun into my day.

Write something. A poem, a short story, a blog post, morning pages or a gratitude journal.

Whatever you choose, JUST START. Your brain, body and people will thank you.

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