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This week has been full of all the things I love about spring. Some time outdoors, some time to bring new color + shift things around in my space to welcome the new season and some time to write, create and build. My body and brain just work better when it’s not winter. The light, the growth and new life in nature, all giving my hope, optimism and a can-do kick in my step.

Looking forward to some family time, some friend time and some nesting time this weekend. You?

How does your favorite color affect your mood and happiness?

An interview with Jordan Ferney, a long-time design crush of mine. She’s the talent behind Oh Happy Day! and one of the founders of Color Factory. I especially love hearing her definition of what she IS, something that I’m struggling to define in my post-corporate, wandering path life. “I am a visual person that can “speak the language.” It was always sort of fuzzy to me what my role was. I now consider myself a Creative Entrepreneur. What that means to me is I’m the one to create the vision and then grab all the power and give it to the right people.”

The case for work life alignment. A more realistic and intentional take on the elusive balance we all seek. I think this is what prompted me to found this site. A chance to share the experiences I (and others) have gained and learned from pursuing a creative life - hoping to build community and connection around a shared purpose.

Currently obsessed with the abstract yet emotional work of Joseph Lee.

More wanderlust for your color-loving eyes.

A few things I’m eyeing for a spring wardrobe refresh.

What you missed this week_ How Creativity Connects Me to the Present Moment and Happy Spring color crush!

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Happy weekend!

xx, jill

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