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Color Crush : Tinted Winter.

Winter. A season of reset and rest, of slow and still.

The early nightfall reminding us to stay in, get cozy, rest, read, hermit a bit.

The muted colors of nature whispering that even in this season of stillness, important work is being done outside of view. 

This season, to this creative, calls out to be enjoyed, to be relished, to be celebrated. 

Winter Inspiration Moodboard

It's a season that I embrace working from the sofa - close to the fire. Practically,  my studio is colder in the winter - making my creative work feel pinched and challenging.

Physiologically, my body craves the warmth of the fire and the cozy of the couch. My eyes absorb the softly cast morning light that room captures so beautifully inspiring me to write, to sketch, to plan.

I find myself working smaller + quieter this winter. No big works coming out of the studio, no product launches, no big heavy outward pushes. Instead, as in nature, I find myself growing new roots - doing the intense but invisible work of quiet reflection, growth planning and instead I refine some practices I've stepped away from the rest of the year. Winter feels like a season to study and refine. To read, to absorb, to learn. 

Winter Inspiration Moodboard 2

In the quiet and the cold I find myself reading more, craving a knowledge of both the practical and the mystical. I find myself writing more, both plans and ideas as well as creative writing exercises. 

I look to the natural world, the dull light, the barren trees and dormant land - and feel inspired to be still, rest and build up energy + inspiration for the spring. 

In the spirit of winter, a few things I'm loving this season.

Re-reading Chasing Slow - a beautiful written reminder in the gift of calm. 

Bookmarking every page in Rue Magazine in preparation for my 2024 vision board.

Staying cozy in these softer than soft pajamas and slippers

My favorite candle on eternal burn. 


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moodboard 1 :

top : left, center, right

middle : left, center, right

bottom : left, center, right

moodboard 2 :

top : left, center, right

middle : left, center, right

bottom : left, center, right


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