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What We're Loving : February Edition

There’s always a moment sometime in this winter month. You’re in the middle of dinner prep, or pulling in from a long commute - and just for a moment you notice the sky.

Golden-tinted, streaked with pinks and blues, and– not dark yet. A quiet reminder that winter is ebbing. The days are stretching longer, the daffodils are peeking out of the ground, and there’s an energy of hope in the air. 

The heaviest part of winter is behind us.

If you haven’t had this moment yet, maybe now you’ll look for it ;) 

And while you do, here are a few of the small joys we’ve been loving this month.

A mini love story that sticks with you

Planet-friendly confetti - discovered for Valentine’s this year and can’t wait to use for future gifts & parties

A colorful cookbook with all the essential food groups

Our forever color crush featured on this artisanal tufted pillow

Every single one of these cute mugs

Colorful glass everything please

Currently re-reading this dog-eared favorite

The perfect dish towels

The “holy moment” of creativity

xx. Happy February friends!

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