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Story Time : Color Kind Studio

A Friday list of things we hope you know about us (and a few you might not!)

  • Let's start with the basics. We LOVE color. I mean, we REALLY LOVE color. Like obsess over a flower on a walk, notice the colors of the sky every single night, have zillions of photos / magazine tears / paint swatches kind of color lover. We think the magic is in the combining of a perfect combination - and we strive to perfect that in each of our designs.
  • Our studio started by accident. Yep. You read that right. In 2020, I was in the middle of a home remodel and couldn't find a wallpaper for our powder bath. I had one of my paintings turned into a wallcovering - and Color Grid multi (and this studio) were born. 
  • Each of our patterns start as an original painting. Sometimes small marks in our daily sketch book, sometimes a full painting. We like to create daily and are always on the quest for our next pattern!
  • WE. It feels weird to always write about our studio as a WE, but we truly are. A collaborative group of women, Lourdes, Emily and Jill (hi, I'm the founder AND usually the one writing here) that work on all things CKS to bring this studio to life. 
  • We're in our learning era. One thing I love most about art and start up life - is the constant learning, tweaking, trying new things, growing. I'm hoping to move into more of my painting era soon - and looking forward to having more art to share wih you all as part of that. 
  • We love working with you to bring your happy home vision to life!

Your turn. Leave us a comment with a fun fact about YOU!


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