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Three Things I'm Loving Now

I’m gonna let you in on a not-so-secret. I love discovering new things. You could say I come by this naturally. Before I could drive, my mom and I would visit flea markets, garage sales and thrift shops (before they were cool) to scoop up vintage Americana toys, postcards, and other paraphernalia for a side-gig she had to subsidize her teacher salary.

In those days, I complained and moaned about the shopping, the heat (Texas, y’all) and the work, but now I see that set me on a lifetime path of being a seeker of things. I spent 20+ years refining this habit even further while working in fashion design and traveling the world in search of the next great color, influence, fabric or bit of inspiration to turn into a future season’s inspiration.

And today. As a mom, an artist, an entrepreneur - I’m still just as obsessed with researching + discovering new things. Art supplies, books, fashion items to wear on repeat again and again. New-to-me music, recipes, places to visit, things to try.

One of the things I’ve love best in the discovery is the SHARING with others. Sharing a read that might move you in the same way it moves me, my latest mascara obsession (it’s good guys, really, really good) or the latest supply I’ve scooped up to help me in my making.

So, how’s about we make this a thing and start sharing the scoop on our latest finds?

Cook Beautiful.jpg

I have a hot and cold relationship with cooking. Sometimes, I’m in, WAY, WAY IN. And others, not so much. Currently, I’m in a cooking frenzy and credit this cookbook for my obsession. A huge fan of most everything Athena does, this cookbook is as much a visual feast for eyes as your belly. Known for her sophisticated styling, yet simple preparation this is the perfect book to add to your counter if you’ve been looking for a kick in the kitchen sink.

Oil Pastels pink artwork

This spring, I’ve been teaching a six-week creativity crash course at my favorite Dallas art shoppe + studio, Oil + Cotton. And I’ve yet to leave a class without grabbing something I HAVE to have for my art supply addiction. This week’s purchase were these oil pastels. My class (and I) have been enjoying testing all the materials stocked in the studio, and especially adding some marks to our watercolor paintings with pastels to add texture and depth.

Eye Love You.jpg

Okay. I know. You’re here for the creative inspiration. And the color combinations. And the non-girly stuff I wax on about. BUT. Guys. This little tube is a SERIOUS GAME CHANGER. I first read about it on goop, and wasn’t convinced it would be as lifechanging as GP swears. And then I bit. And now I’m never-not-using-this-stuff-again. It’s that good. It’s spendy. Like really spendy. So I use it on special occasions, or when I’m gonna show my face on social media. I’ve been accused of getting lash extensions and sold at least three tubes to friends / family who’ve noticed my new look.

So. Tell me. What’s your latest love in terms of product / reads / follows?


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