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Three Things I'm Bringing Back from Vacation.


Wa-wah. The first day back after a vacation. Always a bit of a mixed bag for me. Inspired and refreshed from my travel and break, I feel excited as I settle back into the daily routine. But also a tad sad that the adventure + freedom of unstructured days is behind me, especially as I drop my girl off at school this morning. We spent the week in Montana with family and friends, soaking in all the snow and cold these two Texas girls could handle.

As I transition back to real life today, to work and schedules and groceries and laundry and carpool and all the things that come with HOME, I’m also wondering if it’s possible to bring just a bit of that vacation living into our daily routines.

Three things I’m bringing back to work (and life) from vacation_

Becoming an explorer. A tourist. A YES girl. A trier of new things. Live more in the WHY NOT than the NO WAY. On vacation, free from a schedule, I find myself doing things just outside my comfort zone. Ice skating, taking photos in the rain, trying a new-to-me dish often. I want to celebrate this adventurer. Invite her into my life more frequently. Celebrate not having a routine or practiced response.

Listening to your body. Eating when hungry. Sleeping until rested. Things that on holiday seem SO easy, but back in the real world SO hard. We’re so programmed to eat on a lunch break, stay up late cramming in one more thing, pushing our brains and our bodies to the max. We’ve lost the ability to listen to ourselves, to check in, to honor and love the body + the brain that keep us going.

A break from technology. I am never without my phone. Especially while on the road. But, on vacation, it becomes more of a camera + documenter than it does a distraction. I turn off notifications, and often am without cell service for chunks of time while in Montana. I used to see this as a curse, but more recently have come to celebrate the break. I sleep better. I’m more present with my daughter. I’m not constantly feeling the need to refresh to see what I’ve missed in the news / social media / inbox.

After the break, I feel rested and refreshed. Ready to tackle life in a new way. Excited, happy, engaged. Yes, this is the mountain air, being outdoors and in nature. Connected to family and friends and truly present.

But it’s also vacation me, and now I’m hoping she sticks around in every day life. To celebrate the YES moments. To invite fun + connection into the everyday. To honor my body, giving it the breaks and rest it needs to keep me going. To stay present and connected to those around me.

What are your tips for keeping that vacation feeling around post-travel?

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