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Three Easy Ways to Bring Color Into Your Home

As an artist, it's no surprise that I LOVE color. In most places - art, design, fashion, film, books, nature.

But I, most especially, love the curated use of color in interiors. Color is one of the most powerful and expressive visual tools we can use to communicate our own style. To tell our story, one piece of original art, painted room or bold rug or wallcovering at a time. 

At its best, our home is a calm haven, a safe and sacred space for rest and connection. As such, it should be an original expression of us - an extension of our personal style. 

The best rooms, spaces and homes tell a layered story - rich in details, textures and pieces collected over time and space to build a space as unique as its occupier.

A few of my favorite ways to personalize my space:

Collect (or make) Original Art. 

Color Kind Studio Grid Wallpaper

I love to collect art from friends and travels - each piece telling its own story. I tend to move art around my house often, changing the feel and mood of each room as I do. Some of my favorite sources for art are local art fairs, eBay and artists I love to follow on Instagram. Check out my latest works here

Paint or cover an accent wall or entire room. 

Color Kind Studio Wallcovering

Whether through paint or wallpaper, the fastest way to set the mood is to cover an entire wall (or ceiling or room) in a focal color or pattern. 

Curate Collections.

Color Kind Studio Crystals

As a collector of many things : books, vintage ceramics, candles, feathers, crystals - I love to display them artfully around the home. Organized atop the mantle, as centerpiece on the dining room table, these curated collections get to be part of my every day environment and bring a smile or memory to mind. 

Color is incredibly and deeply personal. Emotional. Specific to your experiences and the vibe you want to create your own space. Follow your instincts and try the colors that speak to YOU in the space around you. 


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