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The Case for Lifelong Learning


Nothing makes me feel more alive + joyful than carving out time to make art. It’s an active form of mediation that my brain + body has come to crave - even just for a couple of minutes each day. The time spent color mixing, doodling, making marks - usually solo and silent, are the perfect chance for me to check in with myself and set the tone for my day. A big part of the joy for me also comes from the learning. A novice and mostly untrained artist, I’ve rapidly gained so many skills + insights it’s helped me loosen my practice and build confidence outside of my art.


Things I’ve come to love about learning_

Learning is FUN. When you’re a beginner, you instantly become a student again. Interested and open about the way things work. Mistakes are welcome, even encouraged as you gain new skills. Where else in your adult life does that happen?

Lifelong learners have better memory retention and problem solving skills. Curious people are really good at being curious. They seek connection, new ideas and growth throughout life. This way of living exposes them to new people, new patterns and new habits that expand their life and their

Eventually you become better. It’s a fact, the more you study and practice, the better you will become. Mastering a new skill builds pride and confidence which will carry over into other facets of life propelling you closer towards your purpose.

Learning builds relationships. Chances are you’ll meet some new people as you dive into new projects. Online in forums, IRL in classroom or workshop settings, or just out in the wild as you expand your routines and social outings to feed your passion - you’re bound to cross paths with other similar souls.

Whatever your passion or creativity itch is - this is the year to GO FOR IT! A few ideas to get you started_

Tell me, what’s on your to-learn list for 2019?

*All images my own from a Botanical Ink + Handmade Book Class I took at Oil + Cotton. If you’re local to Dallas, I highly recommend checking them out for great supplies + workshops.

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