Spring. Slowly.

Spring is springing all around me - to my great visual delight (and great allergy dismay) signs of new life, a shift in energy and a welcoming filter are everywhere. 

Our Japanese maple awakening from her winter's nap greets me majestically each morning.

Fresh growth peeking through the earth in our flower beds - leaving me searching my brain for what I last planted - OR if it's a weed reminding me I am not in control.

The light shifting through my space and studio feels brighter, happier, clearer. 

I've been taking great notice in the changing of the season's these days. Inspired partly by an upcoming move which has me feeling reflective, and partly by a re-devouring of this favorite read,

SLOW seems to be the pace I'm favoring these days. It seemingly goes against the the energy of spring...a time that seems to have so quickly come alive with new colors, fresh sounds and smells, and the reawakening of nature and my social calendar.

Still I find myself leaning into my love of slow paced mornings, of quiet reflection time to create and journal, of my daily need for unscheduled pockets of paint and play. This quest for slow is shaping my home, my art and my studio - all of my thoughts and dreams for the future of each of these spaces and practices. 

Slow also seems to be my design aesthetic as I plan furniture and decor for our next house - looking to pieces, fabrics, books and art that ask our family and our guests to linger and be comfy. A friend shared this great read on slow decorating with me recently and I felt so happy to see how I'm approaching art, design and nesting being celebrated.

The spaces we design, the art we make, the choices we make each day about our homes and our lives matter. Slowing down enough to intentionally approach our spaces, our creative endeavors, our time - is against all things we see on social media and design shows these days. 

But for me, and I suspect for you, it's another way to really practice presence. To thoughtfully curate a life and a space that's perfectly imperfect. Changing with the seasons of life and forever a work in progress. The idea of going slow is appealing to me in so many ways - a break against the norm of rushing to complete a room, a commission, a launch. In my more relaxed approach to life, to art, to design - I'm finding time to play with new materials and color combos. To hunt for the perfect vintage accent, to mix new color combos together, to layer unrelated thoughts and pieces to make new. 

With this slow approach, I'm also slowly letting go of a few pieces and things I've been holding onto in my space. I'm thrilled to share that some of that is beutiful original art pieces I've been hoarding for a bit. Next Friday, we're releasing a small offering of original art pieces created these past few years that informed our wallpaper line and branding. This sharing is both a clearing of physical space in the studio for new work to come through - AND - sending some of our most treasured small art pieces into the world to brighten a corner of your home. I hope you'll check back with us in the coming weeks as the sale goes live.

Thank you for always supporting and inspiring our studio, we love getting to share our art, our products, our writings and thoughts with you. And in case you need permission to embrace a bit of slowness in your spring days to notice the beauty and the magic all around (and inside of) you, we're granting it. 

Go slow. Have fun. Enjoy the beauty. 


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