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Inside the Studio.

Happy March, friends! Spring and daylight and baby blooms are headed our way. 

These days so full of new life and growth have found me in the messy middle of a move, and with that comes a chance to examine all the contents of your home and life - asking :

  • What brings joy?
  • What fits in the way I'm aiming to spend my days?
  • What do I love, but need to leave behind - ready for someone else to enjoy? 

I love the emotional process behind a move. The sorting of physical things that brings a wave of emotions and memories. Looking through old photos - I'm reminded of my high school days and adventures, or my daughter's first year. Dresses that have been taking up space in the back of my closet - ready for new homes, remind me of events, travels, celebrations. 

And then there's the studio. A space I converted 4 years ago during a small hmoe refresh. It's the first space that I've dedicated every inch to my creative practice. From the pinboard walls, to the supply closet - this room has been the perfect vessel to nourish and hold my creative practice these past few years. I'm so grateful for the space, and for the art, wallpaper and JOY that it has allowed me to bring forth.

As I sort through supplies (oh-so-many supplies 😳) and past projects - I've decided it's time to host a studio sale. A chance for some of my smaller works, created in this sacred studio space, to find new homes.

In the coming days you'll start to see snippets of these works on our Instagram. We'll keep you posted on the official launch there, and will have everything for sale on our site. 

My hope is that these small works will become a part of your space and inspire joy, curiosity, connection and creativity in the way only art can.  

Stay tuned for more details on the sale - and our next move! 


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