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Howdy friends! How’s your week? What’s on your schedule for the holiday weekend ahead? We’ve got a full weekend of kid activities, making, getting some of our new goodies ready for our shop launch and catching up with friends.

Forget happiness, pursue joy. A compelling argument for taking an active role in creating your own joy, daily.

Synesthesia, have you heard of it? Me either. Until this article. A super-rare phenomenon, which in this case, leads to color association to letters and numbers.

The Forbes’ pigment collection at Harvard Art Museum is on my someday visit list. A comprehensive catalog of pigments + color, contains more than 2,500 collected samples that my eyes can’t wait to see. Until then, this book will have to do.

Imi Knoebel on display at Dia_ Beacon. Image via Michele Molinari

Imi Knoebel on display at Dia_ Beacon. Image via Michele Molinari

A rare interview with the incredible artist - Imi Knoebel. Color + shape genius who I discovered at Dia_ Beacon this summer.

We’re planning to decorate for Halloween this weekend, and every year we do a take on these DIY painted pumpkins. A non-traditional + colorful way to welcome the holiday.

Here’s hoping you take some time for you this weekend, to relax, to rest, to do whatever inspires + excites your soul.

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