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Happy Friday friends! I’ve been on the road this week, soaking in all the sun and love of good friends on the East Coast. I’m looking forward to some catch-ups this weekend. Some painting, some puppy + girl time with my people and some planning time. What’s on your weekend to-do?

A Ted talk from 2004, that still resonates today asking the question what makes a life worth living?

After a weekend spent cooking and eating with friends, I’m wanting to do more entertaining on the regular. This article just one more nudge in the that direction.

Because we could all use a little Mister Roger’s in our weekend.

David Hockney as a style-icon.

I recently rewatched Monsters Inc. with my daughter and had forgotten how GOOD the intro graphics are. Collage inspiration anyone?

In case you missed it_ this week’s color crush and the case for a summer hobby.

Happy Weekend!

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