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Life Lessons from Summer Travel


This summer has started off with a few quick trips. One to the east coast. One to the west coast. One to Austin. These trips, shifted me into summer mode and FAST. Spontaneous, fun, present, ready to explore and play. A switch from my typical head down, get-stuff-done mentality, this summer me, I like a lot.

This me, I want to celebrate and invite her to stick around well past these summer months. She’s laid-back. Calmer and happier to be around. Quieter in her own brain. Trust me, these are all good things.

A few ways I’m hoping to keep her around year round_

Saying YES. Yes to last minute plans, first-time paddle-boarding, dinners outside, dance parties. Yes to a house full of friends, a neighborhood bike ride, an impromptu cocktail party, an outdoor concert. As a type A, multi-tasking mom, things not typically written in my planner tend to get a hard and fast NO. But this season of saying YES has helped me to have more fun. To be more present and open in my relationships, and actually makes me more productive because I want to leave enough time for the random adventures.

Staying off my phone. A big part of travel for me is disconnecting from my daily routine. Using my phone for photos + maps, but otherwise relegating the work of the phone to morning and evening. A trick that I’m welcoming into daily life more frequently, with set times for email, writing and work and other times to just BE.

Being more social. As an introvert, I tend to like my groups small and intimate. But on vacation, the more the merrier. I love meeting and learning from new people, whose paths I wouldn’t cross anywhere but on an adventure. Building connection + conversations with new-to-me friends. Listening to another point of view on a topic I hadn’t considered. All experiences that I should be shepherding into my life at home AND on the road.

Soaking in the sights. In another city, I’m endlessly inspired. By the people watching, the colors, the sounds, the smells. I stop to look in windows, observe clouds and smell the flowers. This joy, this present moment connection is something I adore most about travel. Why am I saving these moments for vacation only? I hope you’ll see me going through my home + city a little slower, a little more aware and in awe of the beauty around me every single day.

Tell me. What are your favorite bits about travel?

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