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Happy Friday! The first Friday of fall, the shift in the air already making itself known. Earlier sunsets, less daylight and slightly cooler temps - even here in Dallas, shifting our patterns + activities accordingly. I, for one, have been craving an earlier bedtime this week. Partly, I think the grey skies are to blame, but also, fall and the release that it brings as nature shifts. The trees release their leaves, the sun releases her stand to the moon a bit earlier and with it the heat releases us all to the cooler temps of fall. Ahhh. Fall. What are you looking forward to in this season?

Today’s scouts + shouts to delight + inspire.

Need a dose of creative girl inspiration? These fab 4 won’t disappoint.

A new to me artist that I’m obsessed with. The colors + shapes are delightful.

We’re eyeing this adorably strong sweatshirt. A statement piece, in an understated color + cut for sure.

look for inspiration all around you.

look for inspiration all around you.

The change of the seasons always makes me want to nest + tweak my home, especially in fall when we’ll be spending a bit more time indoors. A gallery wall refresh is on my list, and this wonderful frame round-up will help me give my walls some affordable lovin’. For arranging + install ideas, this NYTimes article comes in handy every time. #goals.

We’re always on the hunt for new magazines that inspire. Thanks to this article, we discovered Toc Toc Toc - a traveling magazine exploring one location at a time. We love seeing (and supporting) creative entrepreneurs following their passion and carving their own path to share their art. Can’t wait to get our first issue!

Happy weekend friends! Here’s to you taking some time for YOU. To sit. To read. To wander. To create. Whatever you need, we hope you make the time for just that this weekend.

xx, jill + shay

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